Posted by: netitheyeti | July 25, 2012

An Eco-Big Foot sighting in Shanghai

Yes, you read us right. A certain tree-hugging yeti is coming to town on the 28th of July. But fret not, he’s not a real snowman but a storybook figment of Darcie Goodwin‘s imagination.

Darcie has been a good friend of Greennovate and integral in the longstanding partnership we’ve had with FedEx China for the past 4 years. Recently, she stepped down as communications manager and will be leaving the shores of  Shanghai to embark on a more creative chapter in the U.S — living the life of a children’s storybook author!

While being a children’s storybook author may not be a full-time job, her decision to leave the corporate realm was because she wanted to inspire people to think about how they can live environmentally friendly lifestyles and to think about how they consume and what they do can impact other people’s lives through simple but clear messaging, “Children’s books are a great way to share a message because children often share what they learn with others.”

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