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Neti the Yeti Workshop at The Irish Center in Shanghai

Highlights from Forterra Connections
Forterra Connections Literary Workshops – Part of M Literary Festivals 2013

Fulfilling its commitment to promoting cultural diversity, Forterra Connections was happy to be a sponsor of the M Literary Festivals for yet another year this year. As one of the sponsors of the Festivals, Forterra Connections was honored in hosting two highly acclaimed writers, Ms. Linda Jaivin from Australia and Ms. Darcie Goodwin from the US. The two authors conducted workshops at Forterra Connections on 7 and 17 March respectively. Ms. Jaivin talked about her work on subtitling Chinese films into English and how she conveyed the cultural subtleties in the subtitles. Ms. Goodwin read her children’s book inspired by her passion for inspiring future generations to explore environmentally sustainable ways of living. Click here for more information on these events.
为促进中外文化交流,自2012年以来,富达来中心一直作为“上海国际文学节”的赞助方积极参与该活动。今年“上海国际文学节”期间,富达来中心很荣幸地邀请到了来自澳大利亚的贾佩林女士(Linda Jaivin)以及来自美国的Darcie Goodwin女士,分别于3月7日及3月17日在中心举办两场文化交流活动。贾佩琳女士通过介绍她的作品和大家分享她是如何将电影字幕翻译转化成文化翻译;而Darcie Goodwin女士则为孩子们带来了她的儿童作品,通过讲故事的方式倡导可持续发展的生活理念。点击此处阅读全文。 


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