Posted by: netitheyeti | February 11, 2014

How to Use Wine Corks Once You Have Uncorked


Here are some ideas of what you can do with your uncorked wine corks.

1.  Recycle them. Whole Foods Markets serves as a collection point for Cork ReHarvest, which grinds up the corks and uses them to make other materials or products, such as shipping packages, fishing bobbers, flooring, and even footwear. 

2.  Make a trivet. Use a picture frame (less the glass) or a large ceramic tile as a base and hot-glue the corks to the base. You can use them as is or cut each cork in half lengthwise so that you won’t need as many.

3.  Make a boat. You can glue some corks together and then let it bob along a creek or tub.

4.  Use them as floor scuff protectors. Cut slices of cork and glue them to the underside of chairs, couches, planters, tables — whatever might scuff your floors.

5.  Balance your wobbly tables. Slip a piece of cork under a table to balance it out.

6.  End cabinet doors slamming shut. Glue a thin slice of cork on the inside of the cabinet (where the door and cabinet meet) to mute the sound of a door closing.

7.  Create a bulletin board. Expand your trivet to be a board for reminders. You are only limited by the number of corks you have. 

8.  Compost your corks. Break up your natural cork and include it in your compost or use it as a layer in the bottom of a planter to help with drainage.


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