Posted by: netitheyeti | March 12, 2014

Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Here are some simple tips to help reduce food waste.

  • Buy less and shop conservatively. Currently, up to 25% of food purchased winds up as waste.  Make a shopping list so that you don’t overbuy produce and perishables.
  • Plan your meals.  It helps to know how much of what you need to buy. 
  • Keep track of what you throw out. This way you can buy less or make smaller portions.
  • Keep perishable items in the front of the fridge. Having leftovers, ]milk and other perishables at the forefront helps them stay top of mind for your next meal or snack. “
  • Get creative. Leftovers or food that is on the verge of going bad can usually make a great stir fry, soup or smoothie. 
  • Freeze it before it goes bad. 

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