Posted by: netitheyeti | April 10, 2014

Ways to use your magazines after you are finished with them


Things you can do to give your magazines a longer life:

Share them. Shelters, senior centers, and hospitals welcome reading material for their residents or patients.

Donate them to a school. School art teachers or craft centers are always looking for materials to use for projects. The best magazines for kids’ projects are food, home furnishings, travel, or fashion magazines.

Make paper beads or weave a bracelet. Turn colorful, glossy paper into beautiful jewelry by rolling strips of magazine paper into beads or weave strips of magazine into a bracelet.

Make furniture. Make a shelf or a stool.

Use them for packing material. Crumple the pages or shred them and use it for packing material.

Use them as wrapping paper. Take pretty pictures and turn it into wrapping paper.


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