Posted by: netitheyeti | February 21, 2015

Neti the Yeti Vocabulary Words

Here is a vocabulary list to help children as they are reading Neti the Yeti Saves His Mountain.

Announce (verb) – to make known publicly

Atmosphere (noun) – the mass of air that surrounds the Earth

Awe (noun) – an emotion of respect and wonder

Barren (adjective) – having very few plants

Bask (verb) – to take pleasure or enjoyment

Cease (verb) – to stop

Declare (verb) – to make known formally or officially

Dejected (adjective) – low in spirits, depressed

Despondently (adverb) – feeling almost without hope

Deteriorate (verb) – to wear away

Dingy (adjective) – dirty, unclean

Drifts (noun) – when referring to snow, a mass of snow piled up by the wind

Enormous (adjective) – a very great size

Exist (verb) – to be real

Fertilizer (noun) – a substance to make something productive

Furnace (noun) – an enclosure where heat is generated by using fuel

Gadget (noun) – a small mechanical or electronic device

Hatch (verb) – to emerge or break out of an egg; to devise or develop

Nonchalantly (adverb) – seeming to be unconcerned or indifferent

Organic (adjective) – involving the use of food produced naturally, without chemical fertilizers, etc.

Overwhelm (verb) – overpowering

Perplex (adjective) – filled with confusion

Plant (verb) – to put in the ground for growth

Plumes (noun) – long and featherlike

Pollute (verb) – to make unclean

Proclaim (verb) – to announce officially and publicly

Reduce (verb) – to bring down in amount or degree; to make smaller in size

Restore (verb) – to bring back into existence or use

Run off (noun) – something that drains or flows off

Sapling (noun) – a young tree

Strum (verb) – to play a stringed instrument by brushing the strings

Stubby (adjective) – short and thick

Valley (noun) – a lowland between mountains

Yeti (noun) – hairy, humanlike animal inhabiting the snows of the Himalayan Mountains



  1. Excellent info and superbly written. Keep up the wonderful stuff!

  2. The children of Literacy Lighthouse loves the story of Neti the Yeti Saves His Mountain. Thank you so much for writing his story!

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